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  • Исполнитель: Marlon Craft
  • Название: Kevin Durant's Interlude
  • Длительность: 3:17
Marlon Craft - Kevin Durant's Interlude
Marlon Craft - Kevin Durant's Interlude
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Текст песни Kevin Durant's Interlude
Hello hello hello how are you, I’m in a power mood
I’m feeling lovely, I ain’t runnin' like the cowards do
As per us', I ain’t perfect always fallible
Thoughts weigh heavy on me, my mind gettin' calloused ooh
How are you, how are you, I should ask more, I should wonder
My homies sayin' to be trash more, I should blunder
They want me below all of 'em as they put us under
I’m drinkin' Jameson watching the Cav’s versus the Thunder
Oh my, how the time go by, where the time go, what do I know?
They say KD is weak for leavin', and yo I hear 'em, but honestly yo I feel him
if he smile more, what do I know?
I guess that shit is bitch but they got Melo and PG they might be better with
the switch
There’s a metaphor in there somewhere, this my elevator pitch
It’s true you shouldn’t skip no steps just to escalate ya quick 'cause
He ain’t made peace with it yet, still tryna battle his demons with fake tweet
I hope that one day I could be that famous and make choices that hated knowin'
I was bein' true and not lose sleep for a sec
But I don’t know, and how are you? How are you though?
I got some opinions, I don’t know if all of 'em true though
What you think of my new clothes, what you think of this picture?
Would you like it? What you think of this girl here, would you hit bruh?
Huh, how are you? I should ask more, you probably tell me I should worry 'bout
the cash more, shit
And you’d probably be at least half right, I spent like half of it last night,
I know that’s right, shit
Huh, I’m in a power mood, I’m feeling lovely, not running like the cowards do
But fear I might end up alone in a palace dude, cause I know all about me,
but don’t be asking 'how are you?'
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